HTML5 player releases

Download HTML5 player version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2

The latest update 2.0.2 brought together a list of innovations, also the work of expanding the existing functions was done, and some bugs were fixed.


  1. Added a stub for ad-block.
    Now to the user using ad-block, video viewing is available only in low quality. Control of this option is carried out in API.
  2. While the player is scaling, the management elements are disconnected.

Improvement of the available functionality:

  1. The overroll advertising module possibilities are expanded
    • Middle-roll added
    • Pause-roll added

Bug fixes:

  1. Adjusted tooltip and timeline

Version 2.0.1

The player version, which has an advanced functionality to manage an advertising in the HTML5 player. New advertising formats have been added.


  1. Cuepoints - specify the exact video moment that will be most suitable for the appearance of advertising, so now you can to:
    • Place / remove any HTML-code on top of the video
    • Play video before, during and after playback
    • Show subtitles
    • Download content using AJAX and show it on top or next to the video
  2. Overroll - a format that overlays another player with an ad on top of your video, and displays an average of 25 seconds without skipping, after which the user continues watching the video.


Version 2.0.0

Updating of the HTML5 player to version 2.0 brings a list of significant functionality improvements, namely the ability to display video ads. 


  1. Support of Google IMA SDK standards - developers will be able to send ad requests to the AdSense network, interpret query responses and process ads. Now you can use such standards for the delivery of video advertising:
  2. The Teaser format has been added. Now you will be able to use a format with which you can monetize almost all types of video content. The best solution for advertisers working with a wide audience.


Version 1.1.2

In the version 1.1.2, work on bugs was done and a list of innovations were added. 


  1. AirPlay support. Now you have the ability to conduct wireless streaming of content to all digital devices. 
  2. LivePreview - preview video in real time. 
  3. Now you can add annotations to the video. 


Version 1.1.1

Update 1.1.1 is a replenishment of a content delivery standards and functionality.


  1. The DASH content standard delivery has been added. 
  2. There was an adjustable playlist in which you can set a list of subsequent videos, adjust its location. 


Version 1.1.0

In the update 1.1.0, existing bugs were fixed and functionality was expanded. 


  1. Content delivery in HLS, supported by Apple without the use of third-party libraries, is available now.
  2. An insertion code is available, which is generated through the iframe and allows you to insert a video on any site.
  3. There are social buttons. Networks, through which you can effortlessly share videos in social networks. 


Version 1.0.1

The player has received the functionality improvements and a compatibility bugs were fixed. 


  1. Adaptability. With the update, the player became compatible with all types of digital devices: PC, mobile, tablets, Smart-TV. 
  2. Cross-browser compatibility. Interaction with the all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari, Yandex Browser. 
  3. The hotkeys have been added for more convenient interaction with the player: 
    • Space - start / pause
    • Click on the screen - start / pause
    • Double-click on the screen / alt + Enter - turn on / off the full screen mode
    • The up / down button - volume audio and screen zoom for video (in styles can also be changed to volume)
    • Left / right button - rewind
    • Esc - output from full screen mode 


Version 1.0.0

The debut release of the player by At this stage you will be able to use a full-fledged HTML5 player delivering content in the MP4-Streaming standard with basic player management functions: 

  1. Play / Pause / Stop 
  2. Timer
  3. Timeline
  4. Volume control
  5. Quality choice
  6. Full screen mode