Terms of the api usage

1. The Pro IT Group Inc company (hereafter - "Company") gives an opportunity to the Internet user (hereafter - "User") to use the API of the iPlayAd.com Service (hereafter - "the API") according to the conditions stated below (hereafter - "Conditions").

2. Using the API by the User is regulated by these Conditions. Before use of the User service shall read and accept Terms of Use the iPlayAd.com for the User, the License agreement on using the iPlayAd.com Service and get acquainted with Privacy policy conditions.

3. Beginning to use the API or its separate functions, including having received the API key, having registered on Service, having posted a service code on the website or having seized any other functional capability given by Service or the API, the User accepts the real Conditions, and also conditions of all Conditions of documents specified in item 2, in full, without any stipulations and exceptions, and undertakes to observe them. Use of the API on other conditions, than conditions of the specified documents, is possible only in the prior written consent of Administration of Service. In case of disagreement of the User with any of conditions of the specified documents, the User has no right to use the API.

4. The user independently bears responsibility for observance of the Legislation by him during using the API. Everywhere in the text of the real Conditions if other is obviously not specified, the term "Legislation" is understood as any applicable legislation, including both the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the legislation of the place of the User staying or the place of making of legally significant actions by it according to the real Conditions. If use by the User of any opportunity given to the API violates the Law, the User undertakes to refrain from the API use.

5. For receiving access to the API the User is obliged to register on Service and to receive the API Key. The administration has the right to deny at discretion access to the API without explanation. The user has no right to use any programs, devices or other means allowing to receive the API Key in the automatic way or otherwise with violation of the procedure set by Service.

6. The user independently and in full take responsibility for usage and safety of the API Key. The user has no right to receive the API Key for the third parties, to transfer or present him to the third parties. The company doesn't bear responsibility for unauthorized use of an the API Key by the third parties. All actions, perfect with use of the API and/or Service by means of the API Key belonging to the User, are made by the User.

7. The user can use the data and functions received through the API only within the functionality provided by the API and Service.

8. The user has no right to change and/or to somehow modify the program code received by means of the API and/or Service.

9. The user has no right to use the API for creation of Internet services identical to the iPlayAd.com Service, to violate intellectual property rights of the Company or to use otherwise if such use attracts a violation of the law, the documents specified in item 1.2 of Conditions, and/or the rights and legitimate interests of the third parties.

10. The administration of the Service reserves the right to change, correct or update the API and/or Service at any time, without prior notice of the User.

11. The administration of the Service has the right at own discretion to stop or pause access for the User to API and/or Service without notice and without explanation, in particular, in case of violation by the User of requirements of the real Conditions.

12. The exclusive right to the API belongs to the Company. The real Conditions don't grant to the User any rights to use the API in addition to those opportunities which are given directly in the API interface according to the real Conditions.

13. The API services is provided "As is". The company doesn't provide any guarantees concerning faultless and smooth operation of the API, compliance to specific purposes and expectations of the User.

14. The company and Administration don't bear responsibility for possible consequences of the API use, including doesn't indemnify any loss caused to the User or the third parties as a result of use or the API usage impossibility.

15. The user personally bears responsibility to the third parties for the actions when using the API, and also personally bears responsibility for consequences in cases of violations of these Conditions, legislations, and documents specified in 2 part of these Conditions.

16. The administration of the Service has the right to make at any time changes or additions to these Conditions without notice of the User. If the changes made to the Agreement for some reason don't suit the User, he has the right to stop work with the API.

17. Questions concerning of the API use can be sent to e-mail support@iPlayAd.com.