License Agreement

Dear User! Before you start using the "" service read carefully the terms of use, contained in this Agreement. The beginning of using the service means the proper conclusion of this agreement and your full consent with all its conditions. If the User doesn't agree with terms of this agreement, he shan't use the "" service in any purposes.

1. Subject of agreement

The Pro IT Group Inc company (hereafter "Company") provides to the end user (hereafter "User") right to using the "" service belonging to the Company (hereafter the "" service) on the terms of this License agreement which is the agreement on transfer not of exclusive rights of using the "" service signed between the Company and the User. The "" service is developed and is property of the Company. Author's rights of the Company are protected by the international legislation on author's rights and intellectual property. This agreement corresponds to the current legislation and international agreements on author's rights and intellectual property. The user undertakes to use the "" service only on the terms and conditions of this agreement. For the conclusion of this agreement and using the "" service, the User shall be registered on service. In case of registration the User undertakes to enter reliable, complete and exact information about himself.

2. License provision

Within this Agreement the Company grants the right to use the "" service under the license on the nonexclusive rights free of charge or for remuneration (hereafter "License"). The company gives to the User an opportunity of free using the "" service only in non-commercial purposes, that is without using the advertising module. Using the "" service for commercial purposes with the advertising module using – paid. Payment terms are posted on the "" service website. The company can give an opportunity of using the "" service for Partners on special conditions based on separate arrangements.

3. Restrictions. rights and user's obligations

User agrees to: to use the "" service according to this Agreement and other requirements of a developer; to use the "" service only for improvement, expansions of opportunities of the website and convenience of users staying on it; The user has no right: to transfer, sell, pledge, to license or to make other action which isn't permitted by terms of this agreement of the "" service or to allow to do it to the third parties; to use any part of the "" service for the purpose of creation of other software products, or to give such opportunity to the third parties; to delete, or, by any method, to change tags of the Company which are placed for its identification in the "" service; to interfere with the Company in receipt of information on using the "" service. The user is strictly forbidden to interfere with work of a code of a player or to otherwise interfere with work of the "" service.

4. Technical support

The company performs technical support of the "" service. The user has the right to address to the Company Technical support service. For implementation of Technical support the Company has the right to demand from the User the necessary data concerning the rights to use the "" service. Action of this License extends to all subsequent updates of the "" service. If necessary, the Company on the terms of the separate Agreement can modify a player under special User needs.

5. Responsibility of the parties

For violation of agreement terms there comes responsibility, stipulated by the legislation and the international standards on questions of protection of intellectual property rights. The company doesn't bear responsibility to the User for any damage, any loss of the income, profit, information or savings connected with use or with impossibility of using the "" service.

6. Restrictions of guarantees

The "" service is provided on conditions "as is". The company doesn't provide any guarantees concerning faultless and smooth operation of the "" service or its separate components and/or functions, compliance to specific purposes and expectations of the User, and also doesn't provide any other guarantees which are not directly specified in this License. The company doesn't bear responsibility for any straight lines or indirect consequences of any use or impossibility of using the "" service and/or the damage caused to the User and/or the third parties as a result of any use, non-use or impossibility of using the "" service or its separate components and/or functions including because of possible mistakes or failures in work, except as specified, directly stipulated by the legislation.

7. Action, change and agreement cancellation

Terms of this agreement affect the entire period of use by the User of the "" service. In case of termination of this agreement by any party and on any bases the User is obliged to stop using the "" service completely. This agreement can change the Company unilaterally. The notification of the User on the made changes in conditions of this License is published on the website.

8. Feedback

All questions and claims connected with use/impossibility of using the "" service are sent to the address: