Privacy policy

1. General provisions

1.1. This Privacy policy (hereafter - "Policy") establishes rules of using data which are specified by the User in case of registration and subsequent using the "" service (hereafter - "Service") belonging to the Pro IT Group Inc company (hereafter - "Company"), Administration of Service (hereafter - "Administration").

1.2. Using the Service means an unconditional consent of the User with this Policy and specified in it conditions of using, handling, collection of information provided to them.

1.3. The user shall refrain from Service use if he doesn't agree with conditions of this Policy.

1.4. This Policy is applicable only to information processed during Service use.

1.5. This Policy is an integral part of agreements on using the Service services, and also other agreements signed with the User when it is directly provided by their conditions.

2. Types of user information which is processed by the service

2.1 Service obtains the following information from the User:

2.1.1. Data which the User provides about himself independently in case of registration, authorization or in the course of Service use, including personal User information.

2.1.2. Data which are transferred in the automatic mode in the course of their use by means of the User of the software intended for Internet access established on the device including the IP address, information from cookie, information on the browser, access time, the address of the required page.

2.2. Service also performs data collection on which it is impossible to identify the User personality (hereafter - "the depersonalized data"). This data includes: geographical criterion, interests, a profession, a sex, age and other information which doesn't specify directly the specific personality. The user agrees that such information separately isn't personal and can be used by Service as statistical information for the purpose of development and improvement of Service. In case of combination of the depersonalized information with personal, the integrated data will be considered as personal information while they remain integrated.

2.3. Check of reliability of personal information of the User, assessment of his capacity to act aren't included into liabilities of Administration. At the same time it should be noted that the Administration recognizes that the User guarantees provision of reliable personal information which the Administration supports in an urgent condition. Consequences of provision by the User of unreliable information are provided in the Agreement on Service use.

2.4. The user shan't give the personal information to the third parties. The administration doesn't bear what responsibility for consequences of transfer by the User to the third parties of the personal information necessary for Service use.

3. Purposes of processing the user information

3.1. Service processes, collects and stores only that information of the User which is necessary for Service provision of services, and also performance of agreements and contracts with the User.

3.2. Service has the right to use information of the User in the following purposes:

3.2.1 Identification of the User within Service, agreements and contracts with Service.

3.2.2. Obligation fulfillment under agreements and agreements, including provisions to the User of services of Service.

3.2.3. Ensuring communication with the User for the purpose of information servicing within Service use, including handling of requests and requests of the User.

3.2.4. Improvements of quality of Service.

3.2.5. Using the depersonalized data for targeting of promotional materials.

3.2.6. Carrying out marketing, statistical and other researches on the basis of the depersonalized data.

4. Conditions of processing the user information

4.1. Service performs proper protection of personal information according to the Legislation and takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of such information

4.2. Information of the User is processed by Service during the term of its placement and/or term established by the current legislation.

4.3. Service has the right to establish the requirement to structure of information of the User which shall be provided surely for access to Service. If certain information isn't marked as obligatory, its provision is performed by the User at his discretion.

4.4. In case of information processing Service is guided by the proper legislation on personal data.

4.5. Service has the right to transfer information of the User to the third parties, including personal, in the following cases:

4.5.1. The user expressed the consent to such actions.

4.5.2. Transfer is necessary in the framework of the use of users of the service or execution of certain agreements or contracts with users.

4.5.3. Transfer is stipulated by the legislation places of stay of the User or regulations of the international legislation within the procedure established by the legislation.

4.5.4. For the purpose of a possibility of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Service, other persons if the User violates Agreements on Service use.

4.5.5. Transfer happens within sale or other transfer of business (fully or partially), to transition of all liabilities on observance of conditions of this Policy to the acquirer.

4.5.6. As a result of handling of personal information of the User by its depersonalization the depersonalized statistical data which can be transferred to the third parties for carrying out researches, performance of works or rendering services in the order of Service are obtained.

5. Change of personal information

5.1. The user can change or remove personal data at any time.

5.2. The user guarantees that all personal data are urgent and don't treat the third parties.

5.3. For the purpose of improvement of quality of Service and a possibility of legal protection, Service has the right to store log files about the actions made by the User within Service use and also in communication by performance by the User of agreements and agreements, within one year from the moment of their making.

6. Change of privacy policy

6.1. This Policy can be changed by Service unilaterally. New edition of Policy comes into force from the moment of its placement on the Service website if other isn't provided by new edition of Policy.

6.2. The current version of Policy is available by the address.

6.3. The user can submit the proposals and comments about this Policy on the address