Terms of Use

1. By these rules of using the service (hereafter - "Agreement") it is regulated conditions of provision by the Pro IT Group Inc company (hereafter - "Company") access to the Internet user (hereafter - "User") to the "iPlayAd.com" Service (hereafter - "Service").

2. The company gives to the User an opportunity of free using the "iPlayAd.com" service only in non-commercial purposes, that is without using the advertising module. Using the "iPlayAd.com" service for commercial purposes using the advertising module – paid.

3. iPlayAd.com is a free service, aimed at the maximal monetization of video content that is carried out by displaying promotional materials in adaptive HTML5 player. Supporting all modern standards for content delivery and displaying advertisements allows to easily configure and integrate a player into any video hosting with an advertising service. Besides the HTML5 player, service gives a full-fledged opportunity of holding own advertising campaigns, without using any third-party products (Google DFP, Adfox, etc.). Advertisers, advertising campaigns,players constructor, targeting, detailed statistics and multifunctional API - not all benefits of the iPlayAd.com platform. Service will be suitable as for the beginning webmasters without advanced possession of programming, and for large networks. It is possible to look at more detailed information about services of Service, having followed the link About service.

4. The "iPlayAd.com" service is provided on conditions "as is". The company doesn't provide any guarantees concerning faultless and smooth operation of the "iPlayAd.com" service or its separate components and/or functions, compliance to specific purposes and expectations of the User. The user of system has no right to demand from administration of modification of work of Service.

5. The beginning of using the service means the proper conclusion of this agreement and a full consent of the User with all his conditions. Before using the User service shall examine and accept the License agreement on usingthe "iPlayAd.com" service and get acquainted with Privacy policy conditions. If the User doesn't agree with terms of this agreement or other requirements of a developer, he shan't use the "iPlayAd.com" service in any purposes.

6. The administration conducts strict moderation of any information, including advertising placed on Service regarding violation of this agreement and the current legislation according to moral standards and ethics.

7. Registration of the User is free and voluntary. Having registered on Service, the User guarantees a full and unconditional consent with conditions of Service and this agreement and other requirements of a developer and undertakes to observe them.

8. Each User is obliged to specify reliable information about himself.

9. The user independently is responsible for using own login and the password, in particular the User shouldn't transfer or provide them to the third parties. All actions made on Service with use to belonging User of login and the password are considered made by the User.

10. The user has no right: - to transfer, sell, pledge, license the "iPlayAd.com" service or to make other action which isn't permitted by terms of this agreement or to allow to do it to the third parties; - to use any part of the "iPlayAd.com" service for the purpose of creation of other software products, or to give such opportunity to the third parties; - to delete, or by any method to change tags of the Company which are placed for its identification in the "iPlayAd.com" service; - to interfere with the Company in receipt of information on using the "iPlayAd.com" service.

11. The user is strictly forbidden to interfere with work or to otherwise impede the work of the "iPlayAd.com" service.

12. To the user it is strictly forbidden to use any programs and systems of price markups (bots, SAA and other).

13. The user when using Service has to respect the rules of the legislation of the place of the stay, and also the rule of morals and ethics.

14. Resources which are forbidden and aren't used by Service:

  •  which are violate the laws of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and a regulation of the international legislation;
  • containing information on narcotic substances and the accompanying products;
  • calling for violence, racism, immoral behavior;
  • containing a pornography;
  • encouraging illegal activities or inciting others to illegal activities;
  • containing the offensive materials and an offensive language;
  • violating intellectual property right;
  • violating the rights and interests of the third parties protected by the law;
  • containing the extremist materials, and also resources:
  • promoting an obstacle full work of Service;
  • containing the viruses and the phishing websites / references or other malicious applications;
  • containing the ciphered code or a malicious code, or references to a malicious code;
  • making a redirect on any other pages, files;
  • containing the forbidden ways of attraction of a traffic.

15. In case of violation by the User of the terms of this agreement Administration reserves the right to stop or suspend access for the User to Service without the prevention and an explanation of the reasons.

16. For breaches of agreement the Administration has the right to remove the account of the User with preliminary entering of all data into the register of violators for prevention of repeated registration.

17. The administration provides protection of personal information according to the operating Privacy policy.

18. The company and Administration don't bear responsibility for possible consequences of using the Service, including doesn't indemnify any loss caused to the User or the third parties as a result of use or impossibility of using the Service.

19. The user personally bears responsibility to the third parties for the actions when using Service, and also personally bears responsibility for consequences in cases of violations of the law, terms of this agreement, the License agreement and Privacy policy.

20. The administration has the right to make at any changes or additions to this Agreement without notice of the User. If the changes made to the Agreement for some reason don't suit the User, he has the right to stop work with Service.

21. Questions and complaints users to use the Service may be sent by e-mail support@iPlayAd.com.